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Thread: Advice on cleaning please.

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    Advice on cleaning please.

    Evening all.
    Having recently used my rifle and it persisting it down whilst I did, I was wondering what is the best/most popular method of drying/cleaning the rifle on returning home.
    Im talking a tikka t3 hunter wooden stock and blued barrel and action.
    Is it necessary to remove barrel and action from the stock in order to dry everything properly and if so, is it then necessary to re zero the rifle.
    What do people use on their wooden stocks? Is linseed still the best? I know synthetic stocks and stainless barrels do away with the majority of this post, but I do like the traditional look and so would like to look after it as best I can. Any help please

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    Hi glyn i have same rifle in 223 wood no dont take it apart just dry off properly even gently with hair dryer and i mean gently then oil and clean as normal, i never put rifles straight into cabinet let them warm up first to room temp,all the best doug ,ps is yours 1in8 or 1 in 12 i use a drop of stock conditioner oil rubbed in by hand, only use dryer if pee wet dripping,
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    dry in a cool place...slowly...

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    I believe mine is a 1/10 twist barrel as it's the .243
    Love the rifle, can't fault it. Problems I had with zeroing a short time ago were down to me.
    Just want to make sure I'm taking care of it as best I can.

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    no problem mines 1 in 8 ,223 brilliant ,i prefer the wood stocks also keep it clean and dont scrape it,doug,

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    Thanks for the advice, all taken on board and will be used.

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