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Thread: Turtles heading to England

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    Turtles heading to England

    Leatherback turtles hatching, and swim east.

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    And they all made it past the first hurdle.

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    Yes, it is amazing. I have been lucky enough to see the eggs being laid and the turtles hatching. Now that I have a smart phone with video, perhaps I can capture some of that.

    They all hatch almost at once, at high tide, usually on a full moon, and hit the surf. Raccoons try to find the eggs and dig them up. If it were daylight some birds or other animals would try to eat them right there on the sand.

    We have leatherbacks, loggerheads, and green turtles nesting on our coast. If a local resident sees a mother turtle leaving a nest, they will try to mark it, and come back later to fence it off with some wooden lattice woven with soft wire, and date it, so they can watch and remove the fence near hatching time.

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