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Thread: Hello from the highlands

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    Hello from the highlands

    Hi everyone, just thought I'd introduce myself, I'm a 22 year old male from the west coast highlands just south of Ullapool and I work offshore as a diver. I have been managing my Fathers croft's for pests since I was 10 with air rifles, at 14 I started shooting with Shotguns and then at 17 moved up to an old .22 brno and a Tikka .223 for foxes, the odd long range rabbit and more recently a few mink. I am just renewing my liscence and I'll be applying for a .270 with mod for Deer and hopefully a .375 for my trip to Namibia next year. I look forward to speaking with you all.


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    Hello snag and welcome to the site, we are getting more and more people from the highlands.

    I shall be nipping over to Ullapool on Tuesday, my missus wants to go shopping and I shall get fish and chips for lunch


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    Hello Snag. You'll find a couple of Sgiannachs (Skyemen) on here too, so watch your sporran is securely closed and your ewes are accounted for .
    Foxing in the highlands is fun...bivvying out at the big cairns way out on the hill. I used to use .270s for long range rabbits and blackbacker gulls off the cliffs on Skye..all good fun.
    Enjoy the site and look forward to chatting soon. A few Highland stalkers here...JAYB, Frax, Traveler and others.
    BTW, do you know Duncan 'Bins' MacKenzie from Ullapool? If you do say a friend and cousin of Charlie 'Cook' on Skye says hello!
    All the best.

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    Wow I'm taken aback a wee bit didn't expect many Highland coasters to be about. Mr Mauser66 if yer from Skye you should know the Isle of Ewe on Loch Ewe, it's where I'm currently based I just say I'm from south of Ullapool to simplfy things for anyone south of Inverness, I'm afraid I don't know yer man Duncan Bins but if I run into him on my travel's I'll say Hi. And I have to agree with JAYB Ullapool fish suppers are the best about many a Friday I do the chip run for a six pack of Best's .

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