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Thread: McMillan Stock Sako 85

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    McMillan Stock Sako 85

    Looking for a McMillan Stock for a Sako 85 .308. Calum Fergusson is rebarreling with heavy barrel and he is said it will take 7 months for a stock to arrive. Anybody know where/if I can get my hands on one sooner??


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    Try pse composites , very nice stocks

    i assume you've tried Jackson rifles ? Or maybe syss has something in ?

    Or or a phone round the rifle smiths to see what they have got?
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Try these

    They can inlet a McMillan stock for you or supply one of their own to fit your 85 S action. McMillan won't inlet a stock for the 85 without you sending them the action.

    Last time I checked the turnaround time on a stock built to your own spec was about 6 weeks based on one of their existing moulds.

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    cheers for the feedback chaps.

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    hi ROWNERS used staff/synthetic/stocks about 5 years ago bedded a 3006 and a 2506 into McMillian stocks fantastic job turned them round in 7 days they also have a good selection of stocks top job

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    Danny at staff stocks is a good mate if you can go look at his new line up of stocks i went to look a few weeks ago and nearly wet my pants. Awsome.

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