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Thread: Altberg stark extreme boot

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    Altberg stark extreme boot

    Had these boots 18 mths and they are superb by far the best I've tried and as I'm going up north thought I'd give them a good clean and wax .ive noticed the eyes for the laces were attached with copper studs or look like copper but the d shaped eyelits are going rusty now the paint has come off them what with blood and snot on them they corrode and don't do the laces much good . So I've found a small problem with them is it worth complaining to altberg or is this comman with most boot makes ?

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    Altberg D rings do seem to kill laces very quickly. I use paracord now which seems to last a bit longer.

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    Altberg are great boots i have the field and fell these boots have been through two tours of South Armagh and 2 1/2yrs in Tyrone. Still use them for stalking but need to wear sealskinz socks.
    If the D rings are an issue get in touch with Altberg iam sure they have a lifetime warrenty i had issues with them many moons ago now and they re-furbished both boots no questions asked (i was in Catterick at the time and the factory is in Richmond)

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    I've just sent an email to them explaining how pleased I am with them but feel rust wasn't what I was expecting to see on such quality boot I'll see what happens back to the meindels not a bad reserve .

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    Interesting. I have a pair of these on order, based on several recommendations on here, but wouldn't expect any metal part to be prone to rust, or corrosion, on any outdoor footwear, let alone outdoor boots in this price bracket

    It was bad enough that they were out of stock, quoting a 2 month delivery, but now I'm wondering if I shouldn't switch to an alternative brand

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    Only my view... My "mallerstang" Alt-berg boots are too heavy and over engineered for the purpose they were made for. Seem old fashioned compared to modern lighter boots. I have lashed wax on them to keep them supple and waterproof..

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    My Alt-berg Gamekeeper boots are the best I've had for fit & comfort, I would say better than previous Meindl's which split across the front after about 3 years.

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    Agreed fantastic boot shame altberg don't answer emails where as companies like Swarovski unbelievable after sales service

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