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Thread: Empty cases jamming in gun.HELP needed

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    Empty cases jamming in gun.HELP needed

    I have been having problems with some empty shells jamming in my gun when fired.
    I have checked all the seating depths with each reloaded bullet I have made but some of them seem to jam even though they are all the same size.
    Has anyone else ever had this problem and how did you cure it.
    Any helpfull information will be greatly appreciated
    Thanks in advanse

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    Are you full length sizing or neck sizing?
    is the bolt harder than usual to close when you chamber these rounds?
    is your chamber corroded/dirty?
    is the extractor on your bolt as it should be?
    are you using a hot load?
    sorry for all the questions but should help people to suss it out better.

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    I'm using neck sized.
    Yes the bolt is harder to close.
    The chamber is clean.
    The extractor is fine
    and no I'm not using a hot load.
    So I cant work out why this is happening.
    Questions are fine the more info people have the easier it will be to get the right answer

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    What calibre, & what make of rifle Jos?, Is the brass all one headstamp?

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    Calibre is .222
    Its a CZ American only 5 months old
    and yes all the cases are the same make Remington

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    i'm no expert but i would hazard a guess that as you are reloading cases that are already a tight fit in your chamber, when fired again the already tight fit becomes even tighter hence causing your extraction problems. i would try full length sizing and see if it makes a difference. i may well be wrong but that is where i would start.

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    I will give that a go.
    Anything will be better than it jamming on me.

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    If it is odd cases jamming, look for anything out of the ordinary compared to those cases that eject ok, such as marks on case heads or walls, general neck thicknesses, you may have a bad bit of brass, were they all new, or once fired?

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    They were once fired.
    So maybe that is the problem and I should stick to using new instead

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    Full length size , trim and reload !
    You will then be able to neck size again until it starts to get tight to close the bolt .
    then full length once more !
    The case is most likely tight at the shoulders in the chamber.

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