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Thread: Thank god for Max

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    Thank god for Max

    Hello all

    Went out this morning and had a good result, thankfully.

    On site as dawn broke, weather was fine for a change although a bit crisp under foot having been a bit of frost in the low places.

    Hadn't been moving long when a yearling buck showed himself for just a little to long, so I was able to shoot him through the back of the neck at 30yds. Hung him in a tree and delt with him, Max got his breakfast of the tripe so he was well pleased

    Carried on stalking for about three quarters of an hour and must have spooked every pheasant and duck on the entire estate
    I thought to myself "that will be every deer in cover by now"

    Just as that thought left my head a CWD popped its head up beside a stump, I glassed it and saw it was a female so got the rifle on the sticks and waited for her to give me the shot.
    She was only 20 or so yards so I wanted to neck her also but I could see through the scope that her head was lower than her back so no shot.
    She did not seem to want to move even though she had seen me so it was wait and see time.
    This is where I took the shot that I never do
    She turned her head to look right so I took the side neck shot and unbeknown to me at that moment is when it all went wrong.
    She dropped out of sight to the shot so I figured all was well.

    I was just about to move towards her when I caught movement to my right in the wood across the dyke, a Muntjac, so I moved around to try and get it but it wasn't stopping. Mr Munty was out of sight in a heartbeat only to be replaced by another CWD which I quickly shot through the chest. I saw him leap forward in the scope and then dissapear but I knew he was dead on his feet.
    Now while all this was going on Max had been sitting beside me being a good boy and waiting to be told to "go find", but at the second shot he was off.
    As quick as he was gone this dreadfull screaming started up and I thought he had caught another deer that he seen and I had not.
    Cwd have a scream that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand on end, just dreadfull.
    To cut to the chase, the female I thought I had necked so well wasn't, and she must have been moving into the wood, I didn't know but Max obviously did.
    When I finally got to where he was he had the CWD in a perfect big cat choke hold on the throat and man I could not have been more proud of him at that moment , he had put my screw up right.
    The screaming was down to the fact that he had pulled her down by the haunch before he could get to her neck, and all this caused by my lack of discipline

    If he hadn't been there she would have gone into the wood, I never would have found her or known that I had shot her through the throat and what a misserable death i had caused.

    Max has only followed up onto dead deer before this morning and the way he performed is nothing to do with his training from me.
    I am no dog trainer other than getting him to find dead dear in the woods when I cant, and that was good enough for me.

    But this morning he put right what would well have been an unforgivable tradgedy had she got away, thank god for his natural ability and instinct.

    Needless to say, Never again a side neck shot

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    Well done to Furry Max, he looks very pleased with himself, and he has good reason to be

    I wouldn't get to cut up about this happening Max (non furry Max ) as Malc always says if you do it long enough you will make a cock up now and then.
    Sadly it just happens, at some point you will miss or lose an animal, people have told me it's a crap feeling but its something you have to accept as part of what you do, having Max with you limits this but it can still happen to any of us.
    The deer may have turned as you shot even if you had a perfect shot, I haven't shot that many deer but had a couple that moved as I pulled the trigger luckily wasn't a problem they dropped to the shot but it wasn't where I had wanted it to go

    It turned out ok and looks like a cracking haul, the other way of looking at it is if this hadn't happened Max would not have had the chance to show himself as the cracking dog he really is 8)

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    "Well done to Furry Max, he looks very pleased with himself, and he has good reason to be "

    Lol, yes Max is looking smug in that pic, it all turned out fine in the end and just goes to show a good dog is worth its weight in gold. Methinks a nice piece of venison and a bed by the fire for him tonight. [/quote]

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    Well done both Max’s, it can be a eye opener when you see your dog kill it first deer, that loving family pet that just wants its belly rubbing takes on a different head when it has a deer to dispatch.

    This post highlights a lot of what has been said in different posts on this site.

    1. Neck shots are not a 100% sure fire way of dropping deer even when close.
    2. Wait long enough and you will get a runner.
    3. It doesn’t take long for a good dog off its leash to catch and dispatch small deer.
    4. We all should have access to a good deer dog.

    Well done again to Max for having furry Max.



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    good old max


    Some good lessons learned by all here I feel & in truth I too learned them too a long ago & when I look back now at deer that either I, guests or friends have had problems with I would say that in general it has been with neck/head shots on a late PM stalk when taking a marginal shot that should in hindsight not have been taken in the first place.

    Its not for any of us to hold a big stick or ever stand judgment of each other I feel, however its great to share experiances such as this that we can all learn from.

    I have a big GSP called Woody-(many of the SD members have met him), hes a real pain in the ass in the car, however in the field with larger species deer he will track, find & on a rare occassion get you out of deep poo-with a large animal wounded inaccessable deep cover.

    He has earned his keep twice since Christmas with different stalking guests that in both instances had chest shot large fallow that had then gone to layup in deep cover.

    Much as he winds me up at home & in the car at times, he is worth his weight in gold the old wood dog!

    Best Wishes Lee

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    Good honest post, showing the value of a good deer dog. I have head shot and neck shot in the past and shoot sub inch on the range no problem but an incident like this one realy makes you evaluate your shot placement policy. I have been lucky enough to never loose a deer but for me it is 90% side on chest shots and I only head or neck shoot in exceptional circumstances.



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    Happens to all of us. Usually when everything is going well for a good while and you just get that little bit more plucky with shots..or you're pressed for time as Lee says before dusk. I think most of us really feel for the creatures we stalk and hunt and that's a good thing. I bet you're proud of your dog. Any chance of pups anytime soon?!

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    Good post,cant beat a good dog

    A word of warning though, i posted a thread some time ago STRONG RUNNER,after a little debate i was asked to edit or remove the story for fear of upseting the PC's apparently dogs are not aloud to kill other animals anymore and in the case of wounded deer should hold the deer until you arrive.
    Would hate to hear that MAX had been led off in cuffs on his way to doggy jail just because he cant read


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    agreed a bloody good post !

    max is a credit to you max !

    i have a golden lab called ginge and has got me out of a muddle once or twice . a good dog is worth his weight in gold and we should all have one or atleast access .

    this was a gut shot muntie which took ginge nearly 2 hrs to find after a few issues were sorted out between myself and the stalker who shot it , but thats another story

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    i remember that story (i think)
    going to hav a look just to see
    that is one hell of a day and one you will never forget
    having the use of a dog can make all the difference
    as it has shown
    nice post

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