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Thread: 28 guage cartridge belt.

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    28 guage cartridge belt.

    Wanted... 28g cartridge belt in leather to fit my 34" waistline. Prefer a good make Brady etc.

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    Still searching!!

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    Good luck, I never found one, and ended up with a William Powell leather belt and a matching leather pouch/bag
    that holds about 40 28 bore shells. Just looked their site but can't see it anymore.


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    I bought a leather closed-loop cartridge belt for my 28 bore at the Game Fair some years ago. I can't remember the exact maker, but Google has turned up a few:

    cartridge belts

    Moss Leather Goods 28 Gauge Open Leather Cartridge Belt - Cairngorm Sporting Supplies

    Cartridge belts leather, single row and double row. | Fine Shooting Accessories

    Untitled Document

    They do occasionally come up on eBay, but you need to search for all possible combinations to have the best chance of success ("28 bore", "28 gauge", "28 guage", "28 gage", 28B)

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    Thanks all. I await on a email from Uttings when one arrives.

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    Re. Brady No 48 belt in 28g. Size medium

    Dear Alex nimmo

    Thank you for your e-mail.

    This is currently out of stock at the moment but we will e-mail you again when it is available. We can accept cash and the cost is 34.99 + 5.99 delivery total 40.98.*

    Kind regards,



    Uttings, PO Box 672, Norwich, UK, NR3 2ZR
    Tel. 01603 619 811 | Fax. 01603 619 849 | Contact Us

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    Update and a heads-up....
    Uttings are doing Brady belts for 24+5 post.
    One on its way to me!!

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