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    anybody got any input on the deal thats in sporting rifle on the HOWA combo is this rifle/scope deal any good 'looking for a 223 foxing combo

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    hi not seen the combo but howa a good gun iv got 22 250 50grain vmax .5 3 shots 100y not to bad.scope 8by56nikko stirling

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    They are a good deal only if you really want all the included gubbins and are happy with the products offered.

    If however you want a better 'scope, different make of moderator, upgraded stock, don't need a third party plastic magazine system or a cheap copy of a Harris bipod then you may be better off negotiating with your dealer to supply only the pieces you want.

    The great thing with Howas is that you can choose every part individually, starting with a barreled action (which all come with a hard case and picatinny 'scope rail included), then a wide choice of stocks (or you could got to a third party instead) and all the other accessories from the Highland Outdoors catalogue, and get the best combination to meet your needs. They call it their "dream it build it" program.

    Your dealer should still be able to offer a good discount on the sum of individual prices.

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    Got a 204 howa last month, didnt go for the package but i did take the sonic 35 mod as i fancied the fact it was strippable and only 300 grams. Cut a long story short - i love the rifle very accurate, feels sturdy and well made and the 2 stage trigger is pretty nice and usable. On the other hand the mod was total cack, not the greatest sound reduction but i didnt expect it to be given the weight and diametre but i could live with it. Gave it a try and after 20 factory rounds 2 of the baffles came loose inside so took it back and had it replaced with a new one and again with a few factory round the accuracy went to pot and took mod off and i could here 3 baffles wobling this time. Called the shop and they offered to replace again but im holding out for my money back and a differnet brand of mod. So nice rifle, Sh&t mod!!

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    The Howa is a fantastic rifle which they then seem to disadvantage by putting a crappy scope on to make it a better deal!
    Just buy the Howa and source your own scope and mounts.

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    thanks for replys guys

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    i just bought the barrelled action, on put a boyeds th stock s/bender scope,1 piece scope mount from optic planets,
    i love it, .223 btw

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