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Thread: roebucks/scotishborders

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    I have some good roebuck stalking avaliable over 15000 acres of mixed ground but mainly in forrestry blocks with large open gullys and glides easy access boxes and highseats avaliable, b&b avaliable,
    Weekend may rates 60 per outing and 10 per point can accommodate up to 6 riffles
    Good 2 day deals for sat and sunday
    Pm me or ring 07967465411
    Many thanks
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    Thank you for your Trade Member subscription but please can you elaborate on your intro here:

    new member

    It's a site requirement but it will also help in terms of client confidence if they know a bit about their guide.



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    Been going up with Alan for last couple of years, plenty deer on nice piece of ground, seen some great bucks there recently, anyone going will not be disappointed - there was an absolute monster shot off there last season, Alan's a top guy

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    Please send info and prices for me

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