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Thread: Something for the weekend......

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    Something for the weekend......

    Having been out stalking Friday night I decided I needed a little project for this weekend.

    A couple of weeks ago I bought two Victorinox Swiss Army knives with the intention of re-handling them. One of these was the Waiter, which is a nice simple model with only one blade, a screwdriver and a corkscrew:

    I have plenty of antler in the garage, but I'd also picked up a pair of antler scales a year or so ago, and as these were just sitting in a drawer I decided to make use of them. Thus the challenge was set!

    This is the first SAK I've re-handled, so having removed the normal red scales, I stuck them on the scanner to create a pattern for the antler, as you need to do some work on the holes for the retaining bolts and the little accessories like the tweezers.

    I cut out the two patterns and glued them to the "flat" side of the antler scales. One scale was thicker than the other, but as the Waiter has a corkscrew this actually worked out well.

    Most of Saturday afternoon was then spent hunched over the workbench with the Dremel. This was finished Sunday morning, and the antler scales could then be sanded down to remove the pattern and then epoxied to the bare knife. Leaving it to dry over lunch, this afternoon I could start the process of shaping and sanding the scales.

    Three hours and a lot of elbow grease later, the knife was completed. I don't think the end result looks too bad, but having done the first there are a few things I'll change on the next one.

    Proud of my handiwork I showed it to Mrs Gunn, whose first words were "Why did you ruin a brand new Swiss Army Knife?"

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    Very well done WG cracking work looks great
    There are no perfect men in this world ..... Only perfect intentions

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    Wow, looks great, that's some talent & patience you've got W-G
    I'd have a go but after 10 minutes with 9" angle grinder it would be another scrap bin project

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    An excellent looking individual knife. Talent and patience.

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    not only are you a brain box your good with your hands as well
    your going to make the rest of us feel inferior if you carry on like this
    Regards pete

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    What difference from the original.Very nice indeed

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    Excellent work, might have to give it a go

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    Looks great!

    Out of interest how are the scales held on? I've got an almost identical knife here and it's not obvious... Do they just clip on? If so how on earth did you manage to dremel the required recesses!


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