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Thread: high seat pile saver?anyone

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    high seat pile saver?anyone

    good old poundland got inflatable cushions in 46x26cm.ideal for high seat numb bum prevention .stop your piles freezing down out in the woods

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    Good idea I use a cheap carp unhooking mat folded up it does the trick
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    cheap foam kneeling mat for cleaning floors etc, only prob its blue white and green,no prob when its dirty, i keep one in my game bag for the shoot, saves sitting on thorns and brambles, cost b all from home/bargain enjoy doug,

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    Self inflating realtree camo cussion 14.95 hardly used. 1 fold up foam pad from cheap shop, used all the time, always in my roe sack, never leave home without it.

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    Here's a K tip if you have a self-inflating seat and carry a fannypack or rucksack:

    Roll up self-inflating seat, strap lightly to pack and allow to self-inflate within confines of straps then close valve. You now have an in-the-field rifle rest that can deliver all but benchrest accuracy if you do your bit.

    Perfect for anywhere you can take a prone shot and saves on rifle weight as you can dispense with a bipod.


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    Peice of kingspan wall or floor insulation, the one with foil both side's. I find it creates heat when sat on and a little more confotable

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    but its about four inches thick, ok if your leaving it for the next chap, only joking whatever floats your boat i suppose, or you could use a wheelchair cushion thats what i used for eight years match fishing,
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    I always remove the foam back armour from my old bike jackets, usually the correct shape to slip in a game pocket & cover just the right amount of wet ground , or hard seating areas.
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    I just cut a peice off of a cheap camping mat. Then when you are done just roll it up and put it in your pocket. You can always use a bigger bit and fold it in half. You can even get them in olive drab!

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