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Thread: New Forest (Hants/Wilts Border), cull Fallow Stalking Feb.

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    New Forest (Hants/Wilts Border), cull Fallow Stalking Feb.


    I am offering out 2 days accompanied guest stalking on the 15th/16th of Feb 2010 over 1200 acres of private estate on the northern edge of the New Forest National Park.

    A good number of SD members have been down with us this year & all pretty much had a good time, the offer will be limited to 3 rifles per day.

    The outings will be 2/4 hours both AM & PM, the cost will be 150 per person & this includes cull fallow & Munties without limit (roe are not included).

    I can refer you to a good local hotel where B&B is about 65 per night for a good single room.

    All deer remain the property of the estste, however can be purchased at dealer retes if required.

    Stalking will be a mixture of ground stalks & some high seats, there is an estate rifle available if required.

    Regs Lee

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    Hi Lee - I could be up for this if work doesn't get in the way. Don't hold a place for me as I know you'll get lots of interest, but I'll let you know as soon as I can if I'll be able to make it. Would be great to get a doe this time!



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    Stalking trip

    Hi lee you have pm re this saturday.paul

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    Went stalking with lee on saturday ,had pricket within 10minsof climbing into highseat then proceeded to miss another-my fault!thoroughly recomended

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