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Thread: first roe buck

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    first roe buck

    Well I just wrote war and peace about my first roe buck,with Jelen,then hit the wrong button so hear is the short version,
    Evening nothing,
    This morning,me, Dave 3 roe,long stalk,long wait,cull buck 70 yards off sticks,sorry Dave 70 meters.
    not to bad,for an old fogie,wind,drizzle,etc.
    The adrenaline was pumping,what a fantastic,time,thank you so much,Simon,Dave,Mike and Kathy.I"ll be back asap.
    Tony Rentokil.
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    Nice one well done

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    well done tony nice one,doug,

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    Good man yourself!! A grassed buck is a GOOD buck

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    The smile says better than a thousand words patience paid off the end but not good for the old ticker. Well done Tony hope to see you again soon
    ATB Dave( Jelen deer services )

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    Well done Tony, see you soon.

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    Thank you roe2506,and all the other guys,I will do a full write up as I owe the guys at jelen, a lot they have helped me so much,right from my first contact with them several years ago.

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    Ok this is the way it went,met up with Simon in Stockbridge high st,off we went parked at the end of end feild,for the evening stalk.Simon explain the plan, bit of a stalk then last hour in the high seat.I led the way towards a lovely bit of cover/woodland,tight in to the hedge,Si giving me the lead is a weird feeling but,this is why I like Jelen so much great contrast,Simon actually helped me get thru my dsc1 a few years back,but thats another story.

    Nothing seen,so off to the highseat,fantastic seat the damaged Simon pointed out to the young yew tree,was amazing,never realised they could devastate young plantings like that.That weird fog was drifting in and out,light was almost gone.Simon spotted a buck off to his left,we could"nt make out if it was a cull,anyway conditions and shot was not on so we shut up shop,thanks Si.

    Meeting with Dave at Jelen hq 5 30 ish,well I had been awake since 3 so was a tad early.Jumped in with him stopped at a junction for Dave to asses wind direction etc.
    Dave advised we skirt down the hedge an do a 90 degree at the feild,corner.I mirrored Daves every move,stop,glass stop etc.It was just about getting light,Dave whispered that a few roe had been hanging about the edge of the wood for a few days now.He then spotted 3 roe on the sheltered side of the wood,we slowly slipped through the hedge.We had now got on their side of feild,200 yds,150,100,ohhh they look up freeze.We await and we wait,to step out now would be the end of it.
    I whisper to Dave,its whats called a mexican stand off,Dave says,Ive got a lot more patience than them[love it].My heart was going like the clappers but I was motioned forward sticks were already at the ready,as the cull buck turned towards the wood,he came off the skyline and had now a good back stop.
    Breathe,Breathe steady,squeeze ,gone...reload wait,,the young buck spun,tried to run out and then fell and folded,some 15 yards.
    Follow up was typical Jelen always controlled,steady and learning,
    Dave did a talk tru the gralloch,nodes etc etc,always learn something from these guys.
    I was offered a tour and continued shooting/cull of the estate,but I was so chuffed and still buzzin,that was it for me,what memories,
    Thank you all the Jelen staff,
    Will be back soon.
    Tony Rentokil.

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