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Thread: 7mm Blaser Magnum

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    7mm Blaser Magnum

    With modern understanding of ballistics has this new calibre got the edge over the proven oldies?

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    Slightly larger case capacity than 7mm WSM

    Its being looked at by several of us for for F Class, though brass is V expensive……and made of unobtainium at the moment

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    Queried this caliber recently.
    Like Price, availabilty and importantly, will it still be around in ten years time ?

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    Hi Blackrider,

    I would hope that Blaser would have done their homework on the development of this calibre and provide
    the necessary after care to make this one a winner.
    The bench rest lads will push this calibre to its limits so time will tell.
    As for a deer calibre and the swing towards copper heads it will certainly keep me interested until a proven recipe has been developed.

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    Hi Redmist,

    Sorry for the late reply, I kept receiving a permission error message?
    The results will be interesting, please could you pass on your conclusions.
    As a deer calibre I am sure it will perform and also with Blaser now introducing a lead free factory load
    (Barnes techno?) I am of the opinion the calibre is here to stay. As Blackrider states "time will tell"
    Cheers aye

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