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Thread: Howa combo or classic used combo ?

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    Question Howa combo or classic used combo ?

    Teeter tottering between the excellent value for money Howa combo and throwing something together from the used market and looking for some input.

    I'll open this up by saying I'm a huge fan of the old Mannlicher Schoenauer guns. I make no apology for it - I just happen to really like them. If the Parker Hales had a better trigger, I'd really like them too. Unpretentious, a great working tool, nothing to break your heart about if you end up dragging it through a bush backwards but more than up to the task in hand.

    That said, I'm currently looking for a .223 and a .270 rig at the moment.

    The .270 is relatively easy to fill from the pool of used options out there, but the Howa combos appear astonishing value for money taking all aspects into account, plus it's a kind of "just add ammo" deal, which appeals.

    I have a couple of Nikon Monarch scopes sitting in boxes waiting on a gun to live on, and I've already made the spend on them.

    I've had S&B and one or two other higher end scopes and, frankly, my eyes don't appear to get any more from them than from the Nikon Monarchs, so I am happy enough using them if I buy used guns.

    The Diamond range scopes on the Howa combos are decent enough in their own right. If I wanted or felt the need to, I could swap them out with the Nikon Monarchs and move the Diamonds on.

    I'm not a brand snob - budget is flexible but I'd like a good rationale underpinning a decision to spend significantly more.

    Typically the plethora of options that were available when I wasn't looking don't seem to be available when I am

    I don't pay fortunes to stalk - I do control for a couple of estates and on one or two national charity owned properties.

    Classic or combo ?

    What would you do ?
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    Combo...I have the stealth hunter.....really chuffed with it.

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