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Thread: Old stock clearance

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    Old stock clearance

    Evening guys,

    Having a clear out of some old stock, please get in touch if its of any use to anyone, or its going to get shot down the range on the open day.

    For starters, about 700rds .22 Tracer, 200-300 rds .22 mixed, half boxes.
    Half a box of .270, some 30.06 federal about 100rds.
    Winchester .308 soft point 20rds, Half a box 7.62 Green Dot target ammo, a couple of boxes of un-opened NATO ball 7.62, even got some belted 7.62.
    455 Eley, 45 auto.
    Three tins of Eley shotgun primers.

    Face 2 Face only, and you will have to have the calibre on your licence. Give me a call or p.m. if its of any use to you.

    All the best Trev.
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    pm sent for 30.06

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