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    nip & tuck

    I have a rifle that need a thread for a mod & whilst at it , skim the crown . Who can i rely on since its been a year or 4 since i had one done.
    west yorkshire /north yorkshire. reasonably priced. Thanks

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    In yorks I would go to Steve Kershaw, hes a good chap, very quick & not too expensive either, he is based in Howden I think.

    I have used him a few times of different projects, I am pretty sure you can google him to find his website.

    Regs Lee

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    Lee, i think you might find that Steve Kershaw is based in or around Goole, down the M62, at least he was when he screwcut and fitted a mod for me 6 years ago.

    Try `Browns lock stock and Barrel` in Hillsborough, Sheffield. He is my local gundealer who uses a gunsmith called Pat who i think is based around the Manchester area but picks guns up from Browns to repair etc. He has done a couple of screwcuts for me and done a good job and was about 50, but that may have changed slightly now as well as taking them to Brum for proofing. His number is 01142346222.


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