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Thread: Fallow Buck - Scotland

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    Fallow Buck - Scotland

    Hi All

    A good friend of mine who lives near Rogart would like to shoot a fallow buck (bit thin on the ground up there!).

    Any one north of the border got any contacts? I know there are some fallow in Perthshire, guess that would be about as close as they come to Sutherland?

    Any help greatly appreciated.


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    The most northerly Fallow letting I know is on Blair Atholl- factor Andrew Bruce Wooton.

    Otherwise there's a good herd on Mull in a few place especially in the mid West, you could PM Mullbiker or try Ben More estate - google either estates as they have a websites.


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    Allandale have fallow in the borders, but he has been naughty in the past and it can end up costing as much as an african safari.

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    Thanks very much lads will pass on.


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    Steven Wade at Woodmill Shootings has Fallow.


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