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Thread: Possible urban crossbow poaching

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    Possible urban crossbow poaching

    I walked my dog this evening (6.15-7.15 p.m.) within the Oxford ring road. There is an area of ground split by the Cherwell River from a very populated part of town - i.e. houses just the other side of the river. There are about 14 roe deer hefted to a relatively small number of fields, which are not grazed due to the poor quality of grasses. There are, however, abundant dense hedgerows. I am not giving precise details as, although every SD member I have met (quite a few) have been great, I don't want to publish the exact location as one never knows who is trawling forums.

    Anyhow the point is that I normally see 8-12 deer on any outing to this location, with a banker field that usually shows 6 or so deer at this time of night (given quiet, downwind approach). Tonight I saw one roe doe and none in the field in question. I haven't been for a 6 weeks so I am not in touch with current circumstances, but I was still surprised. Anyhow I did see some vehicle marks from a field leading off the ring road - probably the farmer who does graze adjoining fields I thought.

    Then exploring some unusual (non vehicle) tracks that deviated from going into the field though the open gate to shirting though cover, I find a crossbow bolt (not bloodied). Putting 2 and 2 together and perhaps making 5 I fear possible attempted poaching, but apart from a crossbow bolt there is no evidence whatsoever. I took the crossbow bolt back with me and my wife suggested I call the police to notify them of my suspicions.

    I feel I have nothing concrete to justify calling the police and I would be interested in getting some, ideally better informed, views from SD members. What would you do?

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    Suggest you could lodge a Suspicious Activity Report, and provide the bolt as evidence (although it would be incidental as you have handled this and it was not recovered from scene by SOCO). TVP will note this, and then if other similar reports come in they'll have enough to investigate further; also suggest you ask to speak to the Rural Crime Unit as they tend to be more 'interested'; not surprisingly deer and poaching, tooled up or not, are low down the PCC priority list.
    Good luck.

    PS to note, there is that crossbow stalking sport with rubber targets etc; might want to check if it is related to the site with the land owner.
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    not to sure on this one, A do you have permission to be there if so approach the owner and tell him of your suspicions and go from there,

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    Thanks will look to lodge a Suspicious Activity Report. However, not sure there is a Rural Crime Unit in Oxford City!

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    The land is owned by a conservation trust so there is general access via a footpath - you are right I could contact them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mallettn View Post
    Thanks will look to lodge a Suspicious Activity Report. However, not sure there is a Rural Crime Unit in Oxford City!
    There is in Thames Valley Police, and for the area as whole; anyway I thought the Proctors policed the city?
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    I am not sure this is a matter of student discipline! I may stick with lodging a Suspicious Activity Report and trying to walk there a little more regularly to see if anything I see anything else out of the ordinary.

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    There will be a wildlife officer for the area, albeit it'll be a role he/she fulfills on top of his/her normal policing duties in all probability.

    There will also be a community officer whose beat/area will cover these fields I would guess. Although there's bound to be more pressing matters for attention, having a walk now and again in the vicinity of these fields to see some deer and check their welfare may well be a welcome occasional break. I suspect that the police website may lead you to who that officer is for that area.

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    Did it have a broadhead or field point?


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