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Thread: Quitting Smoking

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    Quitting Smoking

    As of.....................................NOW!

    I have a feeling today is going to be a long day!



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    Its not easy mate but stick with it. I stoped 6 weaks ago.

    Regards kev
    History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.

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    well do you stick with it.

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    Keep the money you would've spent on smoking to one side, them treat yourself to more stalking gear as it builds up! Goes some way to making it a bit easier when you can see a benefit from it.
    Good luck.

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    Quit seven years ago after reading Allan Carr's book. Never miss it, never think about it.

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    I walked into my GP nearly 9 years ago... He put me onto patches and an inhalator thing, and after 10 weeks I was done. 25 years of smoking, 10 weeks of NHS help, and now 9 years "clean".

    The only downside is that you'll be able to really taste food, so avoid chocolate Hobnobs at ALL costs!!!

    You are now a non-smoker. Don't think of yourself as an ex-smoker as that gives the impression that it's something missing in your life - that sounds a bit psychob*ll*cks, but it's all in the head once the nicotine dependence has gone in a couple of weeks.

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    Good luck mate ! I stopped smoking roll ups about 6 weeks ago by switching to one of those Vaporiser e-cigs and am hardly using that now - feel a lot better health wise already and it wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be !!

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    Good luck Pete, stick with it. Today may be a log day but think of the extra time you're buying by packing them in. I stopped 15 years back from 40 - 50 a day. best decision I ever made. Keep at it!!

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    No one likes a quitter!

    Been just over 4 weeks for me and getting easier by the day, good luck.


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    Stick all the money you would have spent each day into a jar that says 'Rifle Fund' on it. Cracking incentive to let it build and less likely to go back to your habit!

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