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Thread: Suggestions for stalking bank holiday weekend (3-5 May)

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    Suggestions for stalking bank holiday weekend (3-5 May)

    Finding myself unexpectedly available over the bank holiday weekend and also not having been out stalking since January, I thought I would turn to the Forum to see what suggestions I could find.

    Not having a great deal of roe buck experience, that would be my preference, but I'm easy. I'd like to make a full weekend of it if possible, with a number of outings, though I'd also just be interested in doing some walking in good scenery if there wasn't

    There doesn't seem to be much around on the "available" section of the Forum (perhaps because it is too early in the season). Most grateful if people could post or PM their recommendations. I'm perfectly happy to go anywhere within a 4 hour drive of London.

    Kind regards,

    Mauser M03

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    Try YDS (Yorkshire Deer Stalking) from this site. He has plenty of land around Pickering and Hull area and beyond with lots of deer. Have a look at his recent videos to see quality/quantity. I know he is busy but he might be able to fit you in.

    Good luck.

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    try sikamalc or muntjacstalker i think both do roe/munties/cwd/and fallow they are a bit closer to you down there atb doug,

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    Can offer muntjac in the midlands

    PM me if interested
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