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Thread: Hit or miss?

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    Almost certainly a hit

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    did you pick it or not?
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Can't be sure from the video, worth a very close inspection of the shot site and look for any blood trail etc?

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    Might be wrong, but it looked to go just under the brisket to me. Shooter standing to the left of camera man. I could see no impact on the animal itself. I'll wait for the results. Ps wish the deer on my patch were as tame as them.

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    Miss, No reaction to the shot.

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    I would on first glances put it down to a hit the animal dips only slightly on impact 1m 19 sec you can see it dip but no sign of a strike so might only be a light touch but I would be spending alot of time on a follow up even if proven wrong but worthwhile all the same, I am assuming you know the answer so I will wait for your response, good video greg keep them coming, wayne
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