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Thread: ST Roe Review.

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    ST Roe Review.

    Well did anyone including any guides on here have any heads entered?

    I myself had 3 heads, 2 golds and 1 silver, shot by myself. Sadly they got my name wrong on my biggest head, it was labelled as surname of Parsons! Oh well

    There was also one silver head entered, of which i guided the english client onto.

    The other big heads I had shot on my patches were by continentials who take the heads home to be measured.

    Got a big wild Fallow and wild Red to come in the next review.

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    yes i had one even got a photo at the top of the page ( number 3 ) first head i have ever had measured so i was really chuffed

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    A of a very good friend was No.15 on the list, was the one of the first Roe he had ever shot and shot it for free so he was very happy...

    Having seen the head it is one of the most magnificent i have ever seen was tall with long tines and almost perfect symmetry and of course very thick...


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    Yes, I put one in out of interest, not a recent one but it made Gold.
    I did not realise it was going to be published for all to see, not too keen on that.

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    Hi Eddy, yes saw your one Shot in 1989! Out of interest what made you have it measured ?

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    Big Heads


    none of mine in there this year I am afraid-I stopped shooting the biguns myself as I cant afford to pay my own prices! lol.

    On a serious note though we took 2 silver medal Roe with europian guests this summer that were not officially measured as they both did the off back abroad & I took a gold medal fallow from some of our contract cull land-which once again I did not bother having looked at as of yet.

    Best wishes Lee

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    Quote Originally Posted by sako85
    Hi Eddy, yes saw your one Shot in 1989! Out of interest what made you have it measured ?
    I have several like that lying around and in the shed/garage that I have saved over the years, not in such good condition some of them now though.
    I used to cut them off and make walking sticks but this just happened to be one I had mounted and when asked to get one measured for a friend thought mine looked as good, so just out of interest took it in as well.
    I don't normally attach a lot of importance to the trophy, if it is one that has been around a while then it is time to give one of the newcomers a go so I take it out.
    In the early days, I could be sure if I left one, it would be there later, but with so many shooting Deer these days Trophies have to be shot when seen or somebody else will.
    Trophies these days mean money whereas previously it just meant that a particular Deer was doing well and would soon be time for another to take over.

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    I'm sorry SAKO 85 about the muddle over names. All I say is that 'Sam Parsons' was listed by RP in his return of heads measured and I had no reason to disbelieve him. I'll have a quiet word!

    Eddy, if you remember, I did ask you when I measured the head at Bovington if you were happy with it being published. I have an affirmative noted in my records, but I apologise if you didn't want it so. I'll remember for next time,


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    I have to say I really look forward to the annual reviews of roe and other species and it's nice to be able to relate to some of the names now you've declared your hands.

    My main interest is seeing how the roe are spreading. Until 2004 Gloucester, Oxford and Warwick hardly got a mention but in the latest list they feature quite well, particularly Gloucester and now Hereford is starting to appear now and then. Still waiting for the 1st Welsh Gold though.

    You can still see some distinct regional characteristics in some of the heads although this is less obvious in newly colonised areas, especially where the deer had a helping hand.

    One deer that still has me intrigued is the Silver medal sika stag reported from South Glamorgan two years ago simply because there are no wild sika in Wales as far as I know, it's too far to swim from Lundy and there are none in Margam Park, the obvious source for an escapee.

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    I was in it for the first time, the only medal head from cumbria. a silver roe buck,chuffed to bits

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