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Thread: Scope mounting question

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    Scope mounting question

    I just bought a Rem 700, with excellent Lynx scope mounts on it. They are 1" ( 25.4 mm ). I have a few spare 6x42 scopes. One used ( as new Kahles ) and a brand new Zeiss. The Kahles is ( measured) 26mm , which was common on European scopes a few years ago. As I wanted to keep the Zeiss new untouched in the box, I planned to use the Kahles. Would this dammage the scope ? Would it fit ?

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    Yes it would damage the scope. A 26mm tubed scope won't normally fit in 1" mounts unless they are something like optilocks that have plastic inserts and designed to take both 1" and 26mm.
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    8x57 is right. The Kahles 6x42 made its name on the Steyr SSG-69, which came with the 26mm rings. You should be able to find plenty of older, used rings and bases out there to fit your Rem M700 inexpensively. Recknaler still makes new ones. The Kahles is a great scope.

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    8x57 & southern are both right both about the 26mm tubes & the quality of the Kahles glass. I've a 6 x 42 on my 700, but can't remember the make of rings, perhaps Hilver?

    I am now having REAL problems trying to locate 26mm mounts for my Tikka 690 which currently has atop a trusty old Weaver K6W with a 1" tube, which I want to replace with another 6 x 42 (Swarowski).....

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    The mount on the rifle is Tasco World Class. This is identical to, and made by, Lynx mounts in Australia. Hilver is also identical. The (cheap) scope in the rings is 1" or 25.5 to be exact. The Kahles is 25.9mm. Lynx only make 1" and 30mm rings ( website). My brand new Zeiss is 1" and will be O.K. As this is brand new ( unused) ( I have 2 of them) I thought keeping him new and use my, as new, Kahles, who had been mounted on a rifle many years ago. To use this scope I will have to change the mounts, so I probably will start using the Zeiss and keep the Kahles for another gun.

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    Leupold made turn-in 26mm rings, part number 49922. Look on eBay or Amazon.

    Warne used to make 26mm permanent and QR rings for their base and Weaver, and for the integral bases on the Tikka, Sako, and CZ.

    Burris Signature and Zee rings for the Weaver slot bases have a polymer insert which is off center, so as to align the scope and preset the elevation. I am told that they will work on the 26mm tube without scarring it. And they are soft, plastic, so they can be opened up a bit with sandpaper over a 1 inch dowel.

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