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Thread: Teckel at stud

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    Teckel at stud

    At stud Standard Wirehaired Teckel. colour Wildboar, DK. Import.Multi CH.
    For pedigree and photos, Google Ravensagers Kashmir Akasut. Click on.
    Allevamento del Tocai - Worldwide. Scroll down and find all info !!
    Stud Fee 500. Aberdeen.

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    Hi Den
    I have a mate in the boarderslooking for a dog to cover his teckel could you pm a phone number
    and i will pass it on cheers Graham
    Save Water Drink Single Malt

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    Is it a one off cost or does it depend if the bitch stands etc?

    Cheers Danny

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    I can vouch for Dennis I put my bitch to him a couple of weeks ago, when I went back to pick her up she didn't want to leave she had been looked after so well! And I am 98% she is in pup.

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