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Thread: Not sure wether to renew firearms cert or not?

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    Not sure wether to renew firearms cert or not?

    Hi guys long story short I'm just back home after 4 years in Australia, for those forum members that know me give me a shout or swing by the farm I'm back for a couple of months! So basically my conundrum is this- my firearm certificate runs out in a month but I'm going to be in Scotland until August before moving permanently to Australia. I'm pretty keen on shooting the whole time I'm here and have a couple kiwi mates I promised a hunt in a couple months. Obviously I have left it too late to get the certificate renewed before the current one runs out but I'm wondering what you guys would do in my situation, as far as I can see my options are 1. Put the rifles in storage whilst applying for a renewal and hopefully get them back in a couple months. 2. Get the old man to get a variation for my guns and go out stalking with him using the estate clause. 3. Sell the guns and just keep my head down and forget about shooting.
    The deer numbers are right back up at the moment there's around 25-35 deer on the place at the moment (all roe) and they are just standing around in the fields next to the house( no one else in the family shoots) so it would be frustrating not having a crack at them. My rifles are a Parker hale .270 with a ase ultra mod, an old BSA .222 and a marlin 917vs .17 hmr. Apologies for the long boring post but I could do with some help. Cheers!

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    Option 2 sounds good to me if it is only going to be short term.

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    If it was me I'd apply for the renewal straight away. Ask for a temp cert to cover your rifles in the interim (or get them on your dad's ticket ASAP).

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    I agree with tusker I think option 2 is your best choice , the best of luck with your new life I lived in Canada for a short while and loved it
    atb Jim
    There are no perfect men in this world ..... Only perfect intentions

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