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Thread: Problem with Moderator

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    Problem with Moderator

    I have .270 and was down at the target the other day, after i had fired 3 shots at the target went up and checked and everything was ok, came back to my rest and had another 3 shots and missed the target completly, my first thought was my scope had moved checked this out no problems, dont know why but checked my Moderator and it had become loose only just but enough to put rounds off target and rounds had just nicked the end of my Mod, has anybody else had this problem? its got me now after every shot i am checking my Moderator.

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    Yes had a similar problem with my parker hale on my LR, came unscrewed and trashed a few baffles. Also spent an evening sorting out a logun air rifle for a chap, eventually discovered moddy was no concentric to bore so pellet just touched side in some positions and pellets went everywhere.

    Must say tollerance on my predator 8 on my .223 look minimal so I make sure it is on tight every outing, would not like to see consequence if it came loose.

    Good luck, hope moody is OK.


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    Read this post all you need to know.



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    Thanks for the reply's guy's, and had a look at the link you said, i think i have resolved the problem as i had cleaned the threads on end of rifle and Mod with gun oil "big mistake" cleaned off this morning and went to target today and fired off 30 rounds and checked every 3 shots and no problems, but very hard to get out of habit of checking now! i suppose it maybe a good thing?

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    I've got the sam thing at present on my Rem 700 .243 with Stealth Mod - its only just started to throw rounds about even though it's on tight....

    It's really shaken my confidence with this rifle - luckily its not my main stalking kit....


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    Nothing worse Rob, gets you thinking about your rifle!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheshire Lad
    with Stealth Mod - its only just started to throw rounds about even though it's on tight....
    Is it a early model Steath with two nuts on the front?



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    Hi Thar

    There are no nuts on the front...., just a threaded cap on either end for supposed acces for cleaning - however I can't get into it anymore for cleaning as even after a few shots the powder deposits etc used to make stripping down very difficult - now being a totaly sealed unit - just have to clean with an airline.....

    I've had it a couple of years now - i believe the manufacturer's are no longer trading.....


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    I have by the sounds of it the same mod, one of the early A10 mods from the whole shooting match.

    One of the first times i used it, it came loose and threw shots everywhere!
    Never had a problem with it since, but i always check it is on tight, every time i get into position, up a high seat or out of a vehicle. Just a matter of routine now, i dont think about it. One of those military things i guess!

    I know what you mean about cleaning it though, if you leave it too long, it is near imposable to open the bloody thing! Mines still OK though, touch wood.
    I did contact Stuart Crane about the 3 corroded nuts on the end and ask for some more but he never did get back to me. Had to send him photos and all.

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    Stealth 10

    Do you guys think the Stealth is louder than the BR T8?
    For 300 they shouldn't be!

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