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Thread: LF170 and paraphernalia

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    LF170 and paraphernalia

    Up for sale is the following as I just don't use it any more:

    One used LF 170 scope mounted lamp with new reflector, rewired with heavy duty cable and QR clips to change power source. One cable to cigarette plug (needs solder), one to battery terminal. Spare clips to make additional extension lead for use on back of truck etc.;
    One handle to convert same to hand held;
    One new LF red filter, still in packet;
    One used red filter, non-OEM; and
    One used IR filter, non-OEM. Milspec material with almost no glow through.

    If I have any spare bulbs, I'll chuck these in as well. No battery included.

    Looking for 90 including postage (which will be a fair bit) please.
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    Hi would u sell just the handle or the handle and lamp thanks

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