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Thread: Legendary Tikka T3 accuracy is true

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    Legendary Tikka T3 accuracy is true

    Hi All

    Whilst waiting for my Forbes rifle I purchased a Tikka T3 Lite in Stainless/ Synthetic left handed in 30.06 to tide me by.

    It finally cleared for pick up on Friday so I headed to the range with the new Zeiss Terra 4-12 x 50 fitted on Talleys with some factory ammo and Saturday.

    I also took a precaution and fitted a limb saver recoil pad as well to try and minimise recoil.

    To be honest I am gobb smacked with the results using factory ammo. I used 2 types 150gr Remington Corelokts and 150gr Fusions. Straight away with the remingtons at a 50 yd initial zero I had 3 shot, shot on shot clusters no issue.

    When I moved out to 100yds it was shooting reasonably tight but then I started to flinch a little with the recoil so I stopped for a while and used some snap caps to practice and ditch the flinch and then loaded it with some of the Fusions. Straight away I shot a 3 group sub moa (see attached target ignore the 2 outer rounds as this was a result of the previous flinching) and this was off a wooden picnic table with a harris bipod.

    Needless to say its got me questioning why I need a semi custom rifle and confirms the legendary status of the Tikka T3.

    Next step will be to have a muzzle brake fitted to calm the muzzle flip down.

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    Good going! My T3 Lite loves the Rem 150-gr. It is a good place to begin, also, because they can be bought everywhere in the USA. Wait until yours is broken in.

    Before messing with any changes. Try just shooting it off soft bags, and your hands. It it going to want to jump away from a hard support like a bipod on the forend. Mine is just straight back recoil offhand or sitting, bullet on top of bullet.

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    I've been banging on about fusions for ages on here seriously good factory ammo
    nice shooting glad your happy
    regards pete

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    i bet if you got prone with your body weight in line with rifle to absorb recoil, load bipod correctly that moa group will shrink. Nice shooting my weatherby semi custom 30-06 wont shoot like that with factory ammo but shoots great with handloads.

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    I,m a huge Tikka fan. For off the shelf accuracy and value for money they take some beating.

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    I love mine in .243, I've addedd a Boyds thumbhole stock but other than that it's standard. I took it out for a check zero and to try some new ammo and it shot 0.6 moa with 95grain SST and 0.75moa with 75grain Accutips. With no adjustment of the scope the two groups were 1.6moa so not too bad for different factory ammo in different weights. I did find that loading the bipod and supporting the stock opened up the groups but they were tightest when I gripped the forend and pulled it back into my shoulder.

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    Thanks for the advice next time I go to the range I will take my dog done good range bag and try off there vs. the bi-pod.

    Question when you say load the bi-pod what do you mean?

    I'm also going to try some FMJ 146grn ammo for range work and exploring the rifles capabilities as this can be bought for $13 per 20. Where I go they have a 400yd set up and I'm itching to tryout some long range shooting.

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    Go to a gun show, or order some ammo... Federal 147 gr 7.62x51 NATO was $14.50 / 20 at Academy Sports. They may have some .30-06. The best source is the CMP. Lots of club shooters go together and buy a case of surplus M1 Garand ammo.

    Sales - Ammunition - Civilian Marksmanship Program‎

    Virginia Gun Shows 2014 list of gun & knife shows in VA‎
    The Virginia Gun Show Trader List features gun and knife show calendar. We've made it our goal to ... May 3 - 4, Northern Neck of Virginia Gun

    Check with Georgia Arms, which sells bulk reloads, and see where they are showing next in your area.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nelson View Post
    I,m a huge Tikka fan. For off the shelf accuracy and value for money they take some beating.
    Yup. My 7-08 is a screamer~Muir

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    My former 25 06 using 85gr nos bal tips I shot sub inch at 400yds, a mate and I regulary put targets out to 400yds and shoot 1.5 inch 3 shoot groups, handloads though

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