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Thread: Horsham with Malc,Wadas and Ken

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    Horsham with Malc,Wadas and Ken

    I am absolutely knackered, but thought i would make a start by getting the pickies up and will do the write up tomorrow..

    As you can see.. To say we were soaked and it was hammering down would be putting it mildly..

    Arriving on the Friday afternoon/evening we all had dinner and were off to bed with jaws aching after laughing the house down..

    Mind you the noise in the morning as we were waken to the rain hitting the velux windows had us in as many fits..

    Come on Fester ill leave it to you to explain the ring tone emulating from the rifle

    Many thanks to Malc,Wadas and Ken for a fantastic time as always..

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    No .. thats not an earing or a snowball..

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    Good start Terry and if you don`t mind I will add my bit onto yours mate.

    Well, as Terry has already said, we woke up on the Saturday morning with it pishing down. But out we went, as you know what they say, you won`t get owt by staying in bed.

    Malc dropped me and Terry off at a forest and as I had been there before new where to go. Well we stalked as quiet as you like checking all the rides and came away without spotting one. Who could blame them, I think them deer have a bit more sense than us.

    Malcolm picked us up with Ken and we decided to go to another bit of ground to erect a double high seat that I had built for Malc, well we might as well, cos we were already soaked.

    With the high seat up we went back to the cottage for breakfast and a drying out session.

    In the afternoon at 2 o`clock out we went again, with the rain still coming down we decided to go the ground where we had put the seat in the morning. Ken was put in said seat while me and Terry walked with Malc. 100 yards into the forest Terry spotted a group of Fallow and picked one out which was neck shot without hesitation. Whilst Terry was Gralloching his deer I went to sit in another seat which I had taken down last month. A group were behind the seat as I approached but with no safe backstop I left them hoping Malc and Terry would push them back to me later. 15 Mins later, BANG, That was another for Terry down in the field bottom. They came to me 45 mins later so we went to collect his 2. Me and Terry unloaded our guns and sat them on the floor and climbed over a fence to get his deer when Terry spotted another group down in the same field where he had shot the last 1. We both ducked and I went to get my gun with Malc passing it over the fence to me. I started to load my gun and got my magazine out of my pocket. Wondering why it didn`t fit I looked in my hand to realise I was trying to put my phone into the gun. A quick glance up and Malcolm was looking at me as if to say you f****** numpty, and shook his head laughing. . I often wondered why i could never get through to anyone in the past, i had been using my magazine as a phone.
    I moved forward trying to keep out of sight and put my rifle onto the sticks. The Fallow were tightly packed together so was difficult to pick one out, mind you my scopes were steamed up with the amount of rain we`d had so eventually wiped them dry just as one of them broke rank to the left. A shot to the chest and off it ran down the hill with the others. I knew I`d hit it good and was only a matter of getting super Todd on it`s trail. We went down the field with rifle ready. Malc sent Todd on his way and after running forward 50 mtrs under some hawthorns Todd Gave a bark. We waked along the top of the river and spotted it laying in the flooded river itself. As we went to retrieve it another 2 came out and ran into the field, but wouldn`t have given a safe back stop. 2 mins later BANG. That sounds like Ken has one, and he had, one of the ones we had pushed out..
    The sky was clear with a frost on Sunday morning. Nothing shot, but we did see plenty of deer.

    I could go on, but as usual it was a great weekend with great laughs and great people.

    Thanks again Malcolm, you are a star and a gent, Terry, you`re the man. And Ken, good to meet you and well done for christening the new high seat. I can`t forget super Todd, what a dog.

    Cheers to all.


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    Hi fellas
    Just to add my bit, I had a great day despite the weather. Wadas it was good to meet you. I don't think I have laughed so much for ages after breakfast, glad I didn't go home for a change of clothes. Tell you what, when I got that buck home I was so knackered it was all I could do to get the thing hoisted up. Anyway, thanks for a great day all three of you hope to see you all again soon.


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    Looks like a reasonable couple of days, shame about yesterdays weather. I was in Sevenoaks and it was wet there!

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    Well done guys. That is a nice area to stalk. I used to stalk just outside Billingshurst which you obviously know is just down the road from Horsham.

    Pity about the poor weather.

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    Enjoyed the write up wadas shame about the weather, Knowing you and Malc Im sure the crack made up for it.
    I will catch up soon.


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    Hi Lads,

    glad to hear everyone got back home ok. Another very wet weekends stalking but a good result. Thats 10 Fallow in 3 visits to the new area I have, although I have to say everytime Terry turns up it bloody rains and I mean rain !!!

    Heres to the next time



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    Well I am glad you gents had a productive weekend, it sounds as if the craic was up to standard, and the obvious improvement was that Terry managed without any ditch driving You must have that Sat Nav well and truly conquered by now.

    One thing that I am a bit concerned about Wadas, will this "shooting the deer a call" before loading up become part of level 1 or level 2

    Well done you old boys.


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    Wadas.. Well done fella on the write up

    Logged on to add my bit havin recovered from the weekend

    Recon youve captured it all there mate..

    Amazing weekend with the best company..

    JAYB -- Wadas had the handbrake mate as home was entered in the sat nav and I was in stitches fella as Malc got out of his truck to watch me reversing..

    Thanks again Malc, it was great getting out with you again mate and stalking amongst some of the most concentrated groups of fallow ive seen.

    And guys - what a craic

    As Malc says - heres to the next time

    Id just like to add - dont text Fester pointing out your famished and on the way to eat, or the cruel bugger will send you a pickie of him getting stuck in to the most gorjeous looking pie.. - Damn i was hungry after that...


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