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Thread: .300 Norma magnum

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    .300 Norma magnum

    I do love my Norma calibres and have both an .308 NM and a .358 NM in my safe...both have taken deer in my hands too but as 99% of you blokes on here know a bloke can never have enough toys hence I am thinking along the lines of adding a .300 Norma Mag to the sambar stalking lineup.

    I dare ask has any SD member got one?

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    Hi Johngryphon

    as have just added a .300 mag to my ticket I to would be interested in peoples thoughts on this currently have a .243 Tikka 595 laminate stainless a .308 T3 lite Stainless so am looking for a .300mag maybe stay with a T3 again as they are a pretty sound and reliable rifle

    Paul D

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    You aren't confusing .300Win Mag with the .300Norma Mag that John was talking about were you Paul? The T3 is available in Win Mag but not Norma Mag.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Hi 8x57

    No I would just like the thoughts of others that's why I asked for a .300 mag as there are a few mag variations about so did not want to be only able to get wm or rm you get the picture in no rush to get one yet will have a look about and see what I prefer but thank you for your comment much appreciated


    Paul D

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    My force just put .300 mag on mine so I could choose a Wetherby /R.U.M/ or whatever.

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    While .300 win mag is used by several shooters of my acquaintance John I can't say that I have ever run across a shooter using the Norma Magnum in this country. My guess is that there will be only a few if any in this country. I did know a guy who had a .300 H&H rifle though but even he had to admit that he only bought it because he fancied it rather than any ballistic advantage it had over similar cartridges. He struggled to obtain cases for it and I suppose it would be the same or even worse with the Norma?
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Double four View Post
    My force just put .300 mag on mine so I could choose a Wetherby /R.U.M/ or whatever.
    I will wager you are North Yorks then?


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    Sorry Double four I guessed wrong.
    Sounds very sensible to allow an element of choice though.


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    Well your only half wrong im smack on the border of north lincs and south yorks but my licensing department is Humberside work that one out !

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