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Thread: Budget Laser Range Finders

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    Budget Laser Range Finders

    Can anyone recommend some good cheap laser range finders? My budget is 100, I know the Hawke ones aren't much more than that, but under 100 would be nice.

    I've seen some Vision King (VK) brand ones on eBay that are good to 600m but not sure what they are really like, anyone got first hand experience of them. If push comes to shove I'll get the 400m Hawke ones.

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    I was looking around recently for a budget one and saw ones on eBay for 60-100 but they were brands I'd never heard of from shops that just traded on there. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with them but I made the decision that I'd rather pay an extra 30 and purchase a Hawke one from a reputable source that would help if there were any problems.

    I went for the new LRF400 (as I won't need anything out to 600 yards) and with the height / angle features it will provide wider benefits than just out in the field with my rifles. It was more than I wanted to spend as well but I just bit the bullet and went with it. Figured I'd be using it enough to justify the additional outlay and I haven't been disappointed so far.

    Unless you can find someone selling a second hand Vortex, Bushnell or Nikon this might be your best option. Uttings have them at 129.99 I think.

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    +1 buy (really) cheap, buy twice. I have the LRF600 and although ok, cheap-ish and does the job well enough, I wouldn't want anything of even less optical quality. Having looked through a pair of Swaro's with inbuilt range finding, I have to confess that they are the long term goal for sure.

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    Got a Hawke 400m range finder today from my local gunshop, did it for 120

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