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Thread: best fox calls, wam or other

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    best fox calls, wam or other

    i was jist wondering how most people on here call there foxes, in past have jist squeaked on the back off my hand, reasonably succesful sometimes other times not so. i recently bought a wam caller. been out a couple off times never spotted any at distance with the lamp so jist went to likely places and called for a bit, although nothing showed.

    i was jist wondering the best wat to use the wam and is there any other ones any good or are the electric ones worth the money and put extra foxes in the bag.

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    theres loads of different calls poystyrene on the front of your mobile the squeak out of a kids toy the whistle of a kettle theres one on ebay you squeeze between your teeth and blow

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    I have had a lot of sucess with a widgeon whistle and also a black plastic call made by ACME.
    The people I go shooting with usually use the back of their hands however when I try this it sounds like I have a bad dose of the ****s

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    I predominantly use my hand to squeek,but,do use a wam call and the one that you use between your teeth,and,I have just bought a U-Caller remote,and,having listened to it it does sound pretty bloody good,but,as I have been so rough the past 2-3 weeks I haven't been out to try it yet.I am fairly confident that it will earn its keep especially while the foxes are pairing up,as they don't like the squeek too much then and the vixen and dog calls are good enough that they should work..........Martin

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    I find the standard reed blade plastic type very effective and it has a good range but for cubs the squeakers out of dog toys drive them crazy and they sometimes get too close!

    Have had good success with downloaded distress sounds burnt onto CD.

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    I use a selection of calls, back of my hand and Wam are the too I use most often with the most sucess.

    Polystyrene on wing mirror seems to work well on wilder nights.

    On quiet nights a little mouse squeaker works well too.

    I also have a callmaster digital remote caller and find this excellent, at the moment the hare call works very well.

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