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Thread: Muntjac with Wayne Davies

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    Muntjac with Wayne Davies

    Second attempt at a write up. Lost the first one.

    I had a phone call from Wayne saying do you fancy a crack at the munties one evening and as their friend Heini was over from Germany it would be nice to meet up. Unfortunately Wildboar1973 could not make it over this trip.

    We we set a time on Friday evening straight after work but like all good plans something goes wrong. My oldest came down with a bug so I was on daddy day care duties and the outing was postponed until Sunday evening.
    So we met up at the ground and had a quick catch up before we split up.
    Heini and Andy were taking one area. Myself and Wayne headed for another. Wayne dropped me off and told me where my seat would be and where to expect the muntjac to come from.
    The seat was located up on a bank off a ride just inside the wood. In front was a grass ride going up through the bottom of the valley. It was about 120-140m to the far end.
    I had not been in the seat no more than 10min when a brown mass caught my eye at the far end of the ride. Bins up and a munty was making its way up onto the ride. It was a doe and I checked to see if she had a follower with her but nothing. As she got onto the ride she looked pretty full at the back end so the 30-06 cracked. 2m off the ride she lay. I waited for a while and went to get her. As there was plenty of time left I thought I would put her under the high seat.

    Another 45mins past with loads of cock pheasants fighting amounts themselves.

    Then out of the cover opposite where the doe had been laying after the shot another munty appeared, another doe. She made her way up to the spot and had a good look at the shot site. Then at the top of the ride another one. Now I have two munties at the far end of the ride.
    A buck and a doe.
    I waited to see if I could see a follower with the doe and again nothing with her and she looked heavy as well.
    I waited for the buck to turn and again the 30-06 cracked and he fell to the shot.
    The doe just looked over her shoulder and carried on feeding. She was a caring little bugger.
    She then turned to feed slightly quartering away. Crack again and she dashed off the ride behind the ivy covered trees out of site.
    So I could see the buck and he wasn't going anywhere but I waited for a while before going to find the doe. As I made my way to the strike point I could see her 10m off the ride. Collected both the beasts and went back to the high seat. A nice buck and two good conditioned does.
    I waited to be collected by Wayne. He had a call from Andy saying they needed Max to help find a buck Heini had shot.
    So I gralloched the 3 munties while the others retrieved Heini's buck.
    Photos taking and waidmannsheil all round.

    As Andy went to put his gear away in his truck the keys got locked in. So Wayne took the munties home to larder and I took andy to get the spare keys. I don't think andy will hear the last of this from Wayne for a while.

    Once again guys guys thank you very much for a cracking evening.


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    Great result's all round, you make it sound so easy.
    Nice buck too
    Your a long time dead..GET OUT THERE.

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    Looks like a great bit of luck, congrats.

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    Jealous, jealous, jealous....

    A big Waidmannsheil for some cracking results my friend!
    A shame, I couldnt make it this time, but house extension, family, AND the other hunting trips planned for 2014 didnt allow it... My missus would rather kill me if any more gone for stalking.

    But I will be back mid of May and try my best to strike back!

    Haha, I heard the story about the keys, it sounded like a long night, even without a nice drink after this fantastic results, thats a pitty....

    Atb, we will meet in May,

    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Hi Jon

    Your a jammy bugger two visits = 4 muntjac including two bucks one a silver medal.

    We had a great weekend with Heini as always although a little more sleep would have been nice.

    Max was the star as usual he indicated three different deer for us on Sunday morning and Sunday night we would have never found Heini's buck with out him it had run only a short way but hung a right up a tunnel through a bramble patch. Max found it in seconds despite Andy's best efforts to get to search 25 yards away, If only I'd trained him to find key's as well

    I've added a few more photos including one I shot, were you a bit warm mate???????

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    Quote Originally Posted by gr1ffer View Post
    That GSP is gorgeous

    He thinks he is

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    Cracking result there mate!! (......still a munty virgin!)

    Hope no.1 so back to full health?

    (......not got dates yet for your day on the pheasants - will try and get you a couple of options; plenty of time for you to get fit for pulling up those hills ;-).......)
    Nothing is worse than having an itch you can never scratch

    "...Nicely just doesn't cut the cheese....." A new twist on management-speak courtesy of a colleague.

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    [QUOTE.... plenty of time for you to get fit for pulling up those hills ;-).......)[/QUOTE]

    Haba, he definetively needs that
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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    Well done guys,
    Great stalking, write up and a great bunch of guys


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