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Thread: Deerstalking Fair, Newark Showground, 29th & 30th November, 2014

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    Deerstalking Fair, Newark Showground, 29th & 30th November, 2014

    Following the success of the event held at Kelso for the last two years, and due to us being constantly asked if we could bring it south of the border (and Ireland!), a sister event to the Kelso Deerstalking Fair will go ahead at Newark Showground, Lincoln Road, Newark-on-Trent, Nottinghamshire, NG24 2NY, on the 29th & 30th November, 2014.

    We had two choices, run the event at these venues alternately, meaning only at that venue every second year, or do as we have planned and simply run them several months apart. The crowds and the business conducted at the last two fairs suggested stalkers want an annual event!

    We didn't just jump in blind, and consulted many of the traders who supported the event since it began to establish a good time of year and venue. Based on their opinion, plus a lot of contact with the stalking community, there seemed to be an overwhelming opinion that two events could easily be supported with the apparent demand.

    So, as Newark was considered a central venue surrounded by good deerstalking country within easy driving distance, plus the road network, it seemed the obvious choice.

    Incredibly, most of the traders, if not all who came to Kelso have already said they will be at Newark, including our Scottish ones! As for the time of year, it keeps it away from other major show events and extends the season for the trade, plus giving everyone else the chance for Xmas shopping!!!!!! Since the announcement went on Facebook yesterday we have already had fresh enquiries from new traders.

    Just as was promised at Kelso, the fair will be solely stalking related. It's all indoors within the largest exhibition hall on the site. This means the fair is going to be likely twice the size of the Scottish one but of the same relevant quality. This year saw over 300 rifles on display and literally millions of pounds worth of optics and nightvision equipment.

    We are already in talks with some of the major names and companies within the stalking world and hope to put on an event that can be supported annually.

    One area we are wanting to expand on is the promotion of the final product, the venison because it simply does not get the recognition it deserves in the UK, proven with the export figures. So, hopefully we will have a lot more on show with regards to processing, butchering, storing and cooking of venison, as there was a lot of interest at the butchery and cooking demos held this year at Kelso.

    Admission prices will be just the same as this year, 10 for adults and children under 16 free. Parking on site is also free.

    Keep checking out the Facebook page as it's updated daily, for the latest in who's coming.

    And remember to tell the wives, girlfriends and husbands to hold off for that late Xmas present purchase until you have visited the Fair!!!!
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    Im looking forward to it.

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    Well done Stevie and Brian, we shall be there.

    I have made this a sticky so it does not get lost

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Scots invading England what ever nxt Brian n steve global domination ? Well done looking forward to it wish you'd told me before kelso I'd have saved a fortune in fuel !

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    Brilliant, somewhat closer to home and a lot more do-able!
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    That's great news. Looking forward to it

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    Great news, I'll look forward to it !
    Good venue also, the Shooting Show outgrew the place but this should be just right !

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    Yay I can wear my onesie!!!
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    Fantastic! I'll be there.
    Stratts, I was going to say if you wear your onesie I'll buy you a drink, but then I thought people might get entirely the wrong idea!
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    If he's wearing a onesie then he has obviously had too much to drink already so don't bother.

    Good news as far as I am concerned as regards moving the fair further south as it will then be do-able in a day. I'm fairly sure that will be at least three of us planning on attending.
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