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Thread: Boyds thumbhole stock..anyone have one..opinions

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    Boyds thumbhole stock..anyone have one..opinions

    As above, just wondering if they are ok for weight/fit/cheek height for scope etc.
    As per the link, it's for a Tikka T3 standard barrel.

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    I've got one and can't fault it. If you do a search there were at least 2 threads regarding them in the last 6 months or so giving good reviews of the stocks and delivery times, customs fees etc.

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    I like mine
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    I've got a Boyds evolution stock on my CZ, love it and definately thinking of getting some thumbhole stocks for my Remmy 700's

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    Love mine one on a t3 and other on a howa can't go wrong for the price well made

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    Cheek weld is poor unless you have an unusually low scope. I have two and have fitted Blackhawk pads plus extra foam to build the comb up to a better height.

    I'm happy otherwise, for the money.

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    Must confess FWIW that I cannot see the attraction of the thumbhole stock - perhaps its an age thing - I just don't like to think my thumb becomes captive. Not saying I am a traditionalist but I prefer (and have) GRS stocks for both my 20 Tac and R93 - at least I can alter the LOP and cheek height. More money I know but in my book you are getting a whole lot more stock.

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    Personally I like mine, makes the old Parker much easier to grip and control, especially when off the ground or swinging on to the sticks with a T8 up front.

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    Mine arrived last week, ordered direct from boyds.Good finish, comfortable, Well worth the money.

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    How much inletting have peoples Tikka's needed? Also, what have you done about bedding? I'm torn between a boyds TH and a mcmillan TH but don't know if its worth spend the extra few hundred pounds

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