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    New onboard

    Hi folks,

    Just wanted to say hi and look forward to searching through the forum

    I am based in Scotland and have the opportunity to become a member of a syndicate for woodland roe in the future.

    At the moment, I am relatively new to stalking but have a mentor with many many years experience on all deer species and some friends also willing to pass on their experience and knowledge which obviously helps a great deal.

    It's not something I'm rushing into, just accompanying my mentor and the other stalkers at the moment whenever possible and brushing up on my field craft etc etc

    I am not new to shooting in general (I have SG licence and do fox control etc) but the deer stalking discipline is relatively new to me, however, as time progresses, i'm finding I am getting more and more invites which is a superb opportunity for me and increases my exposure 10 fold

    Anyway, Im reading some Richard Prior books given to me by my mentor, spending lots of time on the hill and putting a tentative foot forward to start my DSC Level 1 before thinking about applying for a centre fire calibre rifle.

    So, now your all bored to death I'll say adios for now!!



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