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Thread: Strange looking deer

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    Strange looking deer

    This is a brochure for a house which is for sale in Richmond, if you go to the last page you will see some deer, no doubt from Richmond Park. The buck looks pretty odd to me, like no Fallow I have ever seen....

    I will be interested to hear some thought!!


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    Looks like a whitetail to me. Bloody American deer, coming here, eating our grass...

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    A little odd.....whitetail I'd say!
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    look more like whitetails to me lol
    a barony original

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    And i was going to put a deposit on that place as well what with the flat roof for my sticks!,

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    It looks 'Photo Shopped' to me, a little too prominent and defined outline.
    Almost certainly one of our American cousins, a potential buyer perhaps ?

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    Thanks. I was looking for a little London pied-à-terre, but simply couldn't find one with stables. Very short-sighted of someone to sell off the grounds though, so I shall have to keep looking. Oh well...

    As for the deer, well that would just have to have been shot. Lowers the whole tone, you know.
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    Was thinking it looked photo-shopped too EMcC.

    Beautiful house.I certainly wouldn't mind the building just maybe not the location

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    Well, I am glad to read that I wasn't going mad...!! Who's going to give Savills a call and wind them up?? House is cheap mind at £3.35m........

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