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Thread: Strange ........ Slight hang fires in 25-06

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    Strange ........ Slight hang fires in 25-06

    I have noticed in the colder weather we have been experiencing that one or two of the handloads with the Speer 120 Gr Flat based bullet and 48.0 grains of Reloader 19 using a std CCI200 primer there has a been a slight hesitation in firing. A sort of Click......... bang

    The primers are from the same box and the powder out of the same tub which I brought a few weeks ago

    I think I will try dropping the powder charge one grain and switching to a CCI 250 Magnum primer

    Your thoughts?

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    I don't like using Magnum primers, they can increase pressure dramatically!

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    Hi deer man,

    Yes it's correct that changing to a magnum primer can increase the pressures. I have already experimented with this in this rifle using the 85 Gr Nosler Ballistic Tip and H4350 and in that load it did increase the pressure.

    Which is why I going to drop the charge by one grain. The load is only one grain above the start load so we shall see how it goes unless someone can point out a good reason for not trying it.

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    You're on the right track. Try switching primers.

    On the other hand.... have you cleaned the firing mechanism of the weapon? Cold-congealed lubricants can retard a striker fall to the point where it appears to be a hang fire.~Muir

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    I would be stripping the bolt down in the warmth of kitchen 1st.

    Sounds like a gummed up firing pin.

    Just my humble opinion.

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    If you want to clean the innards of your bolt without a full strip down, try this stuff....."Flush out" from the same people that do "Wipe out", this stuff shot into the bolt apertures, dissolves oils & greases, flooding any crud out such as bits of grit etc.

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    Hmmm I suppose I could strip the bolt but it's only happened since I changed load to Reloader 19 and the Speer 120 grain and before that I was shooting the 85 grain Ballistic Tip and H4350 in the snow before Christmas.

    I didn't load the first 120 grain bullets until until 3rd January 2010 and of course we had snow all over Christmas so it was colder then. But your right although I cleaned the rifle I did not strip it's bolt which is not difficult being a M98 one as of course it's a Parker-Hale 1200

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    Bolt has been stripped totally degreased and lightly lubed and reassembled. There was little dirt inside but no gunk so it was not a slow or dragging firing pin so we are back to the powder/primer as the probable source

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    Why not stick some factory ammo through it. If they work ok, then at least you know it's not the rifle.

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    Thanks but the first 59 rounds fired throught he rifle were factory. A mixture of 2 boxes of Federal and one box of Sako and that's where I got the cases from for the re-loading I didn't have the problem with the 85 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip and H4350.

    It's only been this loading of the 120 grain Speer and the Reloader 19 using the CCi 200 primer which has shown this tendancy. So last night I loaded 10 rounds with the start load of 47.0 grains Reloader 19 but using a CCI 250 Magnum primer and hopefully I will try it tomorrow.

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