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Thread: Fox cubs

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    Yep one in a Larsen trap!!!

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    Nope, but saw some ducklings yesterday.

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    pretty sure it was a cub I caught a glimpse of last night
    very close to den and straight back in

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    Yep had to deal with a problem vixen last week that was hammering rare breed poultry and got all the cubs , they were already out and about but I suspect a very early litter
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    not yet but it seems my vixens have gone to ground as i am struggling to locate any at any time of day or night i think it will be in the next week or so they will be showing with cubs, saw a dog last night but no shot was on so hes getting it tonight, atb wayne
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    Saw a vixon out at 8.30 this am in an area I know for its dens

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    Shot a vixen weekend before last with a belly full... looked almost ready to drop. That's 5 bullets saved right there
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