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Thread: Dyfed powys police 10 weeks and I've got my licence.

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    Dyfed powys police 10 weeks and I've got my licence.

    Finally after 10 weeks the local firearms office have given me my ticket and I'm on the hunt for a .223 . Look out foxes I'm coming.

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    well done mate pop in nj guns I would think neil has a few 223,s in stock there best of luck

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    Already been there mate and he is the cheapest I can find for a howa package .

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    Did you have any issues with dyfed Powys. I am up in Newtown took me a lot longer to get my FAC through the post. No problems not sure why it took so long. Did you get deer and aolq on yours ? Cheers Matt

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    Sorry I haven't been on here for a while. I only went for a .223 for foxes but they have put shooting fox and any other lawful quarry. Which I take as muntjac and Cwm but I don't have and on the ground anyway. If u r having trouble then I'd join basc they will get on the case . Or just ring them first and ask them for an update .

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