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Thread: nicky from ludlow

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    nicky from ludlow

    Hi im nicky I been shooting since I was about 8 I started with a air rifle a couple years later I joined a air rifle club and joined in a leauge and still shooting in the leauge atm. I started using shotguns when I was about 13, I then got my shotgun license when I was 15 and a year later I got my firearms licence I had a 22lr and a 223 rem. I been out shooting as much I can and go out with my mates with their 22s or we go out with 223 and my mates 243 and we try n shoot the fathers rabbits or crows or targets. I shot a couple of muntjac but I been trying but no luck latley I been using a high seat and seen nout this year and last but atm im applying for a 243 so I can go out and shoot some thing bigger than a muntjac.

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    wellcome to the site doug,

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Haha , nice intro , good idea to get .243 for bigger deer , you might be able to hit them then because they are bigger targets than muntys

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    I really warmed to Ludlow and found the town a delightful and vibrant place.


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