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Thread: BASC worth the Subs

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    BASC worth the Subs

    Dear all

    If anyone doubts BASC value read below, I am sure a solicitor would have cost far more and been lot slower.

    Just applied for a variation for FC fro new calibre and for a FC for 16 old son so that he can come stalking with me and use rifle, my existing rifle not being ideal as a first gun.

    Local police missed the point totally, FEO miss understood the law, so recommended that the rifle was not included on sons FC due to lack of experience. (not surprising as I did have that calibre)
    Sort advice from the start of the process prior to the application being completed from BASC.

    Good advice from BASC firearms dept confirmed my understanding of the law, after a request for a partial withdrawal of the application by the FEO BASC called the FLO at police headquarters which then allowed me to have a good discussion with the FLO who was a shooting man with a practical view and was able sort the matter out. Prompt service from the police once I got through to the main office.

    Result son now has FC with everything we wanted including deer rifle but with mentoring clause which is what I had offered at the start.

    Full marks to BASC Firearms dept very good service, happy to recommend to anyone.

    Now father and son team looking for opportunities perhaps to travel.

    Best regards


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    Nice one 8) ... not wishing my life away but I can't wait until my lad is old enough. I've got a few years to wait, he's only 6 and he runs away when the guns come out

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    Well played BASC.

    This is what is needed. Raise awarness of good deeds not always with the mud slinging.

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    I think I have possibly mentioned this previously, but just to reiterate, I avoided some serious expenditure after the last of the knee jerk visits, (out of a total of four, over the last few years) from plod (this time from a full anti terrorist unit), due to the attendance at my home, by a member of the B.A.S.C. firearms dept, when re visited by my FLO in company of the officer in command of said unit, at a later date. We parted company after a "discussion" lasting around 45 minutes, FLO non committal, Plod a little aggrieved, myself in retention of all original priviledges! 8)

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    Obviously good for you that the BASC intervention achieved some result and I'm glad it worked out for you but......

    If I'm reading this right was it the FEO that was causing an 'interface' problem between yourself and the FLO?

    As the FEO is in effect the police firearms dept 'gopher' who does all the legwork, shouldn't it be a simple matter anyway to request a meeting with the FLO decision maker if something on your application is being modified without your approval by the FEO or if there is anything else that requires clarification as in:

    after a request for a partial withdrawal of the application by the FEO

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    You are correct the FEO is a gather of info, the problem occurs when they try to add there slant on the proceedings, as they said "i have to write this up and do not feel I can recomend" My comment is what is not to recomend they then start to get entrenched as if somehow I have offended there profesional judgement.

    That's when the trouble starts add to that someone with percieved power, a little knowledge and for us the customer it is then difficult.

    The BASC firearms dept defused the situation, they seem to have a good reputation with the police and even the FEO realised that they were probably correct.

    BASC knew the revelvant FO and were able to call, great service, and good from the police once the problem was sorted.

    All in all very satisfactory in the end just purchased a nice new Steyr Mannlicher Pro Hunter plus sound mod and S&B 8x56 zeroed in nicely at 100 metres looks like it will be pushing my old gun to the back of the cabinet.


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