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Thread: 6.5mm bullet preferences

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    6.5mm bullet preferences

    What's your preference, ideally around 120gn? Just about to start reloading for 260 and wondering what people's choice of bullet was... Generally used nosler BT in the 243 and like them so thinking not a bad place to start. Won't ask for load data - will check the manuals ;-)

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    Nosler 120gr BT is very good, but I've settled on Hornady 140gr SST reloaded in Fed brass as my one round
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    I am a big fan of the 120gr NBT from my 260, MV is about 2875fps. I shoot mostly Sika and Fallow, kills very well without a huge amount of meat damage.

    I also really like the 125gr Partition, very effective, but I came to the conclusion that they were not worth the extra cost and effort to maintain a supply.

    I have also used 120gr Sierra SPBT's and 129gr SST's, didn't particularly like either, both are too soft in my view.

    108gr Lapua Scenar's are great fun for long range gong's etc, they were very accurate, but I wouldn't use them on deer, had a few clean pass throughs that showed no evidence of expansion.

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    I like Hornady bullets and currently have 123 gr A-Max (N160) for practice and 129 gr SP (N165) for stalking. I also use 140 gr A-Max for paper at longer ranges.

    I'm also seeking advice on which Barnes copper bullet is suitable for stalking.



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    140g amax for me
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    In my 47l im using 120 prohunters, spfb, theyre accurate to 300y, loose out to boat tails after that. They can be messy at very close range, 2821 fps mv.

    ballistic tips were consistent killers, 120 @ 2820 fps and 100's at 3070fps. Good on kill zone size targets out to 500y. Damage was acceptable at all ranges.

    ive just bought 600 120 amax to run the new rifle in..

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    Another sierra Prohunter 120 user. Same POI and holdover as my 120gn target load (Sierra 120 HPBT) so don't have to mess around with it. Ragged hole at 100yds.

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    120grain nosler bt's, meat damage can be excessive at closer ranges but generally acceptable and good accuracy.

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    Thanks chaps, will give the nosler and hornady a try to start and see how we get on...

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    A-max 120g N-560 and 129g sst RL-19 both seem to work fine.


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