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Thread: Brilliant Photos of Bullets exiting the muzzle

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    Brilliant Photos of Bullets exiting the muzzle

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    notice how the rifling doesnt kick in until well clear of the rifle or pistol nice,

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    Quote Originally Posted by AN DU RU FOX View Post
    notice how the rifling doesnt kick in until well clear of the rifle or pistol nice,
    how do you mean?
    its spinning all the way up the barrel and still spinning when it exits and in flight?

    what I found interesting was the flame front BEFORE the bullet with the AR-15 (pic 16 or 17 I think)

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    not sure my self but you can see the rifling clearly ,only just put my brain in gear and realised, its slowed down,

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    that level of pic on strike and exit on deer would be awesome

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    Slow motion bullets etc.

    I prefer this footage!
    Have a close look at the high velocity stuff passing through the Ballistic Gel! That huge vortex behind the bullet is what goes on inside a deer when it gets hit!

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    Pic's 8 & 9 the clarity is astonishing, you can easily make out the gunshot

    residue (GSR) never mind the bullet in flight.

    Thanks for posting Heym.

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    Excellent - There was another article like this a while back - I think also in the Torygraph - with a guy firing weapons under water and capturing slow high res and frequency footage and bullet expansion etc. - not the above paper, but another report of the same thing
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    I love the slow motion stuff. There's a couple of guys who make loads of slow-motion videos for you-tube. I think the staory above is probably about them. The video is . A lot of their other stuff is very interesting too.

    I'd love to see more slow motion shots of guns firing. It gives you an idea of the amount of flex in the barrel.

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