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Thread: hit a medal how long is drying time

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    hit a medal how long is drying time

    i know its a bit of a weight i thought 60 days drying before they will score it... can anyone correct me...

    its a roe

    many thanks

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    90 days..... Pictures please!
    Opinions are like arseholes....... we all have them, and most of them stink

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    90 good god how will i last that long lol never mind...

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    Pics or it don't exist!!
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    its big..... i don't want to start with the ""you should have left that one"" brigade... lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by camokid View Post
    its big..... i don't want to start with the ""you should have left that one"" brigade... lol
    Wrong area.... That response needs to be in the myths, lies, and wives tails thread..... Probably a safe bet that anyone that uses that line is using it because they never (and will never now) get a shot at it rather than actual morals/ethics..... Post the pics already....

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    Definitely 90 days drying period . Leave the skull whole as the cic will deduct 90 grms from the measurements then cut it after being scored. Just my opinion after presenting badly cut heads lol..

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    You can get it measured straight away by basc afaik or wait 90 days and have it measures by cic.

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    thanks.. yes i new not to cut yet... i was just unsure of the time scale its been i while since a had a roe scored.. thank you

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    i once had a munty done with basc and was not impressed.... the service from cic is very good plus the medals are fantastic and a much better quality then basc...

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