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Thread: Modular Cold Room - Sensible Offers!

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    Modular Cold Room - Sensible Offers!

    Dear All

    I've got an ex-butcher's modular cold room for sale. It's located near Perth at the moment.

    I'm going to go a bit vague on you now - it was removed from the butcher's about 2 years ago and hasn't been used since the numbers of deer I was getting dropped dramatically due to the neighbouring ground being turned into a windfarm and them hiring a contractor who started shooting 300 deer a year.....

    Anyway, it's about 10 feet by 12 when erected. It has a massive sliding door system, runs on single phase electrics and comes complete with two compressors and the chillers unit, all the panels and various fittings (bulkhead lights etc.).

    It's a bit filthy and the floor is a little tatty - but there is chequer plate for it there.

    As you'll see, this is a totally honest advert for a no longer required item that I'm sure someone could put to good use.

    Previously advertised, at 500 - accept this was maybe a bit steep given the hassle of transporting it - panels are 10 feet long.

    Sensible offers in the region of 350

    Buyer would need to collect.

    All the best


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    everything I want is so far away, good luck.

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    Any idea whether the compressor/chiller units are I'm working order, or is it caveat emptor?

    Thought I'd ask as I've been stung before.



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    Hi Novice

    I wouldn't want to mislead anyone - so wouldn't offer a guarantee. What I will say is it was working fine when it was decommissioned and I was planning to install it and didn't expect any problems.

    I think its a reasonably priced room with a good sealing door. The rest of it is probably fine.

    Trying to be as honest as possible with folk!

    Hope this helps.


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