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Thread: antidepressants.

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    a friend of a friend wants to know if anyone has had any dealings with the drug Amitriptyline and firearms licensing.

    being prescribed for chronic pain (not depression) at the reduced dose of 10mg per day(taken at night).

    BASC have been consulted, Firearms licensing dept have not (at the advice of BASC). doctors say it is ok.

    anyone here got any experience?


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    Look it up on Google.
    It is an anti-depressant and the police may not like its use even if prescribed for pain.
    There are plenty of other painkillers available so why not get the doctor to prescribe something more acceptable in the circumstances ?


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    I think the answer is in your post TBH, if BASC say don't tell the FLO and the doc says it's OK, and it's not even prescribed for depression then "carry on normal jogging". The main "problem" with anti-depressants, in terms of FACs, is not the drug but the reason they have been prescribed.

    Quote Originally Posted by stag1933
    Look it up on Google.
    It is an anti-depressant and the police may not like its use even if prescribed for pain..
    Woah, it's NEVER a good idea to look up ANY drug on Google, youl'd end up never taking any medicines and become convinced you were suffering from Galloping Side-effect Syndrome

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    I have just had a look at the firearm form for my local police force (Lothian and Borders) and the wording on it is:

    "Have you ever attended your present or previous general practitioner (GP) for treatment of depression or any other kind of mental or nervous disorder?"

    It asks about conditions not medication and since they are not asking that I would not let on.

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    Taken from MIMS Amitriptyline hydrochlo. 25 mg, 50 mg ( marked Lentizol arke-Davis ) Indications: Symptoms of depressive illness especially where sedation is required.

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    I had serious pain due to a neck injury, the specialist prescribed Amitriptyline for the pain as normal pain killers were not effective on "nerve pain" if it was prescribed for this purpose then why declare it?

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    likewise...i am on the same dose as you....temporarily as a result of having a hip resurfacing 14 months ago [which i think in itself went well] during the operation they think one of my discs got compacted [prolapsed]. so i am sufferring from severe back pain, on dihydrocodeine and amyl. the dihydro does 'normal' pain, the amyl does nerve pain apparently....

    not crossed my mind about declaring it due to the above....i'm not being treated for anti depression, it is for back pain....simples!!!

    certainally dont harbour the thoughts of death or killing etc [as long as you discount the MIL]lol

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    to clarify thing a bit further on behalf of my friend...

    his renewal (fac and sgc) is in june, and he enquired with BASC about the drug and his particular prescription/condition. they said it may effect his renewal - so dont declare it now, just enjoy 6 months of firearms use and then worry about the renewal in june.

    i think he probably should chat with the firearms dept now, and declare it on his renewal as he knows it is an antidepressant (although not prescribed as one in this case) and if he answers the questions on the form without mentioning it he could be considered to be hiding something, home office guidance does mention items about how the medical issues are disclosed. BASC also said it may be referred to the forces chief medical officer, and their opinions on the use of antidepressants changes with the weather and news headlines!

    just thought some people on here may have had the same or similar experience.

    keep it coming lads if you've had experience of this or a similar issue.

    morena - what did you mean by your post?
    stag - youre not wrong, but thanks, i was looking for some experience.
    david - nervous disorder could be "nerve pain" in the hands of someone at firearms hq, just a thought??
    tokas - i didnt say it was me!

    thanks all.

    what this could mean for him in the long term

    1. nerve pain and guns
    2. no pain, no guns and erectile disfunction!

    what a choice

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    MIMS Monthly Index of Medical Specialities. This is the prescribing " bible " used by all GPs. Gives them information about drugs. Dosages, adverse reactions, drug contra-indications. etc

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    i had similar when i first applied for my fac years ago..again pain related to my hip but showed in my back and they used an anti depressant [cant remember if amyl] then...declared, as you say if you dont big trouble if they find out!, i explained to the feo and he was more than happy and said during my interview that he would approve the application. bearing in mind that it was a police officer then not a civilian [may make a difference but shouldnt]
    the drugs were for pain, not anti depression, as long as the dr confirms this if they go that far i dont think there is much they can do...but you never know.

    i was on them for about 6 months in total the first time and will probbly be on them for 3-6 months this time if i take as long to heal....i am older now so maybe a bit longer!!!


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