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    .243 all rounder

    Hi all ,looking for a do it all .243 round. 100 gr soft point Federal power shock and Norma 100 gr sp's. Shooting them out of a 22" barell. The Norma's come out at 37.50 a box as opposed to 26 for the Federal. Will try a box of both and see how they group. But are they worth the extra?

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    Entirely depends on what round your rifle likes, without trying them there isn't any reliable way of knowing. The the Feds shoot the same or better than the Norma ammo then I know which I'd be buying! Also worth a try with ppu ammo just in case your rifle likes it as it's very cheap in comparison to all the rest.

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    Think you are not doing to bad at 26 box for federal, my preference would be the federal but then my rifle likes them.


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    i used the federal round on munties and fox to reds before i started reloading and it was a good reliable round that did the biz

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    A mate/mentor of mine on here once said "if you're Shootin a deer worth 25-40 at the dealer then the difference of 1-2 per round doesn't make a f*** worth of difference does it?!"

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    Before home loads I was using 100 grain soft point Norma in my .243 Tikka T3 varmint with very good results. However a mate had the Tikka T3 hunter (shorter & lighter barrel) he could not get it to shoot well with any brand of ammunition in 100 grain. His likes no more than 85 grain bullets

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    Thank for the input chaps. Local dealer is selling the Norma at 30.50 a box so bought some today to try in the Sauer 101 on Tuesday at the range. I like the quality of all the Norma ammunition I have bought over the years, so if they group well, that's me sorted for my do it all .243 round.

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